CEO's Message

Message of CEO

I have the honor and proud to welcome you to our website of Arsons Pharmaceutical Industries (Pvt) Ltd. It is my immense pleasure to maintain continuous efforts with my profession and the innovation has leaded our Brands as one of the well known products available throughout Pakistan. I have provided complete information of each of our products easily understandable to meet the necessary end users in our website.

It is my responsibility to assist any walk of life, irrespective of age and color that the medicines are to be effectively recovered from their respective illness. We have no doubt built a strong market share holder in a short course of time. This is because of our products safety, effective and competitively better in price and quality.

We have already built a trust with stake holders pursuing to a fast growing Industry in Pharmaceutical and Surgical Dressings in Pakistan. Our financial supports had never been compromised and as such meeting the demands. We always maintain ahead of above average supplies whenever the demands are made.

Our team leaders are well acquainted in their respective field of knowledge. They are qualified, experience and expertise in their respective fields. I am always anxious and enthusiastic to oversee and review the works with my sole duty to ensure that the products are beneficial to every end user.

One of my responsibilities is to ensure that the research and development should be maintained. Therefore, I have made an initiative steps toward developing and establishing searching of latest development of medicines and approaching them as well. This has enhanced our new developments and could provide better healthy environment in our Nation.

I am pleased to express my heartfelt feelings to all stake holders for their kind and generous supports.

Thank you.

Dr. Muhammad Arshad Javed